short film, drama

Edith and Werner are Grandparents and want to wish their grandson a happy birthday, but are in danger of failing - because of Corona. A drama for the grandparents. But they get support from an unexpected side. A heart-touching short film on a timeless topic in a strange time. Edith and Werner want to visit grandson Julian. But because of the shutdown, grandma and grandpa are faced with closed doors. And little Julian and his mother don't even notice any of this, because they have entrenched themselves behind the screen. But Edith doesn't give up so easily. In front of the high-rise building, the grandparents let the birthday balloon go up - all the way to the 19th floor. For the balloon to arrive, however, the building community would have to lend a hand. But aren't the residents far too busy with themselves - with their daily routine around baking bread, fitness classes and home office? Or does she manage to bring the grandparents and grandson together, for a little moment of happiness in times of Corona? The short film „19" is about a timeless topic in a strange time. The main roles are prominently cast - with Suly Röthlisberger („Der Bestatter") and Ueli Jäggi ("Wilder", "Zwingli" and "Brunetti"). "19" is a co-production of SRF and the production company Project Axel Foley.

ProductionProject Axel Foley, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
CastSuly Röthlisberger, Ueli Jäggi, Dani Mangisch, Manuel Kühne, Caroline Felber, Delia Dahinden, Florian Steiner, Jarmila Kovacovsky, Nicole Fonberg, Nadina Pilovic, Devin Pilovic, Daniel Stähli
Writer/DirectorAdrian Perez
Assistant directorYule Glauser, Aline Flach, Tamara Kobel
DOPTom Bernhard
Assistant cameraFabian Steiner, Stefan Wermuth
2nd unit cameraFabian Krebs, Marcel Karp
LightDaniel Bleuer
SoundJanosch Röthlisberger
Production designReta Guetg
Key gripMoisés Mendoza
GripSergio Andrade
Location ManagerTamara Kobel, Serge Gerber
RunnerJan Hirt, Lenny Koller, Emanuel Demenza, Eva-Maria Kobel, Jonathan Fisk
PasserHaiko Rickhoff
CGIKaspar Kilchenmann

Leo Matkovic

MontageKarin Schmid
GradingFabian Steiner
MusicBänz Isler & Sandra Stadler
Set FotoMarion Bernet
FundingSchweizer Radio und Fernsehen, Teleproduktion-Fonds, Burgergemeinde Bern 
Official SelectionRhode Island International Film Festival