feature film, documentary

Performance artist Jeanne Spaeter wants to understand what we socially define as love. Why do relationships last? What's the recipe for love? With the aim of finding answers, Jeanne is conducting a one-year experiment in which she begins a relationship with a complete stranger, Mike. In the setting of an official ceremony and in front of a virtual audience, Jeanne and Mike sign a contract for a quality love relationship containing a strict set of rules. For example: call each other by nicknames, go for dinners, take vacations, spend time with their respective families, have sex. By behaving what seems to be an ordinary couple's life, Jeanne tries to fit into a hetero normative world in order to show its absurdity.

ProductionProject Axel Foley
ProtagonistsJeanne Spaeter, Mike Argiz
AuthorsYannick Mosimann, Adrian Perez
Director/CameraYannick Mosimann
GradingDavid Röthlisberger
EditorKonstantin Gutscher
Sound DesignPascal Schärli
MixKathleen Moser
MusicLeonie Altherr, YM, PS
FundingKanton Bern, Burgergemeinde Bern
Official SelectionZurich Film Festival